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It is not often that I address certain ministries or personalities whom I feel are off the map per se, but this one seemed to beg for my attention. Every Christian knows that tarot cards are a tool the enemy uses to lure people into ungodly practices of seeking answers from the demonic realm rather than God, right? I’m sure nearly every believer at least heard the warnings of avoiding tarot readings but the enemy is always at work seeking new ways to deceive man.   1 Peter 5:8 – “Be sober-minded and alert. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”
     His latest trending device has reared his ugly head in the form of Destiny Cards being introduced by a group known as Christalignment.  They consider themselves trained “spiritual consultants” who practice the “universal” presence of the Christ who draw on the “energy of the Christ spirit” as ancient followers did.  I suggest any time you hear the word “universal”, a red flag should caution you to tread very carefully. Be on alert when an individual or group suggests you align with “the Christ” in a global mission because you’ll likely align with the spirit of the Antichrist, which attempts to stand in place of Jesus Christ.  Pray for discernment and pay careful attention to the words spoken.  I know we as Christians are to move in the prophetic and to move in our gifts, but like my friend once said, “Don’t become so open-minded, your brains fall out.” Many who claim to agree with such practices do so because of their quasi-worship of a particular spiritual “icon”, blindly following them without question while praising them for “pushing the envelope”, but they are truly being pushed over the edge.  I am afraid, however, that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, their minds may be led astray from your simple and pure devotion to Christ. 2 Corinthians 11:4 addresses this, “For if someone comes and proclaims a Jesus other than the One we proclaimed, or if you receive a different spirit than the One you received, or a different gospel than the one you accepted, you put up with it way too easily.”
     I remember during the time I was studying in The Craft and the High Priest asked me if I had learnt enough, meaning there are many ways or methods but it really all came down to the same source.  Never had I ever thought that one of the very practices I did in The Craft and so condemned by God in His Very Word… would be encouraged and endorsed by any Christian or the Christian church. In other words, Destiny Cards, Angel Cards, Animal Card or Tarot Cards are all tools of divination just under another name or label.  No matter how you slice it, divination in its many forms is still divination. As confirmed in my book “From The Craft To Christ”, another Ex-witch Ron Harnage explains “I guess there is always some new trendy thing but you can do divination with just about anything really”.
     According to the Christalignment webpage, they use four different sets of cards.  The first of which is their Destiny card, which they claim have such accuracy that even if your life circumstances change the result will be identical.  However, the cards themselves are simply someone’s work of art that is being used as a demonic “tool”.  There are two problems, the first in that as Christians we are not to seek “images” or “objects” for answers but rather we are to trust God alone to supply our needs.  The second problem is the ultimate source.  Cardboard and ink cannot tell your destiny, it is the demonic source that comes through the card readings that many times appear to give detail accuracy in the life circumstances of the seeker.  As my occult experience bared witness, accuracy does not guarantee the answer is from our Lord.
     Color cards are another method of divination used by Christalignment.  They claim that the cards enhance the reading with agate stones.  Both cards and stones are used as divination methods in occult practices and to suggest these are any different is ignorant.  Animal cards can be found in almost any New Age or Occult shops and apparently also at any Christalignment event. Readings are based on the insight from the animal on the card, as these readings prey on your love and compassion for cute furry creatures.
     What about Psalm card readings? Is Christalignment venturing on forbidden grounds here, after all what can be wrong with reading scripture?  Of course we should fill out minds with the Word of God but remember even Satan knows and cites scripture so don’t be fooled.  This is not your typical bible study but rather a card reading said to represent your past, present and future which is the purpose used in tarot or other oracle readings. If you’re interpreting images from the face of a card instead of allowing The Holy Spirit to speak to your heart, you’ve become blinded to the things of God.
     In a recent article in the Christian Post, Ken and Jenny Hodge of Christalignment are quoted with the following claim, “"We have developed a method of reaching New Agers that is unique and enables us to pluck them out of darkness”.  Clearly, the Hodges are relying on their own deceptive method rather than God in their attempt to reach those in spiritual darkness. In so doing, they suggest pagans could easily be tricked into the Christian faith.  The Christalignment approach to evangelism would more likely draw Christian’s weak in their faith away from Christianity than it would draw pagans to God. I tackle this exact question regarding Christian Dream Cards in my book, From The Craft To Christ which is relevant here. “I can also say that coming across Christian Dream Cards (Destiny cards) would not have opened my mind to Christ. In fact, it would have likely had the opposite affect and I would have considered it hypocrisy within the church, giving further reason to reject any part of Christianity.”  The Hodges, neither Christalignment nor any of their methods will pluck New Agers out of darkness, as only Jesus is able to save us. 
     You know, God really makes it quite simple.  There are no magic formulas or methods to find answers that we should seek directly from God.  Our all-knowing God knew man all too well in that man being a creature of habit and impatience, would become accustomed to provoking or expediting “God” to answer if there was a specific method of doing so and all too quickly man would rely on the “method” rather than on God.  Divination in its many forms is the desire to gain forbidden knowledge and has its roots in the garden where the serpent first tempted Eve to be like-god.  Attempting to gain knowledge through this source is an act of rebellion and an open invitation for demonic influences in our lives. The enemy then uses rebellion as a means to blind our spiritual eyesight thus preventing us from seeing the spiritual truth.  Let us not be naive or oblivious of the enemy’s schemes, past, present and future. Let it be said in 1 Timothy 4:1-2 “Now the Spirit expressly states that in later times some will abandon the faith to follow deceitful spirits and the teachings of demons, influenced by the hypocrisy of liars, whose consciences are seared with a hot iron”

© By S.A. Tower  2018

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 ​I stared down the ugly face of rejection long ago by of all people… the church. Yes, I was the wayward child that admittedly was dabbling in all sorts of dangerous occult practices but on the other hand, I was also the lost sheep who wandered off into the wilderness.  The prodigal daughter that returned home despite the church’s failure… until the time when it was as though God Himself said, “Enough” and reached down to lift His daughter out of darkness and deception, administering His grace and forgiveness.  I can honestly say that the wounds of rejection ran deep, having a major impact on my emotional well-being which hindered my restoration process.  After coming back to the church, I avoided relationships with many Christian brothers and sisters. It actually took years until I finally understood the magnitude of that rejection and then it was my turn to forgive.

I still face rejection in the church today! When it comes down to it, they want someone who will trample scorpions while uttering the key stereotypical words that will rally believers beside them.  Amazingly, they have truth before their very eyes yet reject it if it does not fit what they have come to expect and are all too ready to settle for half-truths all due to entertainment value and ratings. 

It doesn’t get to me like it used to as I’ve learned to “shake the dust off my feet” (See Matthew 10:14) and move on.  And really, if there was anyone in the entire universe who understands rejection, Jesus does.  He is God and yet faces the rejection of man each day and let’s be real, many Christian leaders today would be no different than the Pharisee of His day.  In fact, they’d likely pass Him by because He had a hard message for the church that wouldn’t do so well for ratings.

When it comes to my testimony, I'll stick with non-fiction.

© By S.A. Tower, 2017

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I just came across a post (referred to below) which tackles a topic that I have up till now have held back with exposing as it is a sensitive issue. I’ve many times contemplated the best approach in handling false testimonies or at the very least fabrications of those who desire to lay claim to the title of “ex-witch”. I’ve tried to wrap my brain around the reason why anyone would choose to falsely claim the title of an “ex”, as surely they are clueless to the very real spiritual and emotional complications and struggles of actually walking out from a lifestyle of magick, after having experienced the freedom only Jesus can bring.  It’s something I feel led to share so that others can hopefully avoid making the same mistake and enduring the heartache and the toll it takes on one’s soul.  In fact, I’ve often said a testimony doesn’t have to be an account of full-blown “witch” involvement, but it must be “true” for only the truth will set the captive free.  Honestly, a testimony where one has merely participated in any aspect of the occult is one that more people can relate to and will therefore encourage a broader range of people, who may feel far from someone who actually “was” a full-fledged witch. Believe me, there is no glamour in being an ex-witch, yet we come across the “wannabee” all too often. The question then becomes; how do the “real” ex-witches handle the cape-flappers, do we “out” them or silently sit back as they ignorantly feed the masses with stories that unfortunately create more harm than good? <Sigh> The problem is that there are real repercussions that create road-blocks, hindering those who need to hear the truth because the cost is great… their salvation. Ironically, the fake “ex” actually does become obsessed with the spirit of witchcraft and in the end, uses manipulation to deceive their gullible Christian audience. I’ve known self-proclaimed witches who studied the Craft more now that they are Christian, than they did when they said they were involved just so they can attempt to fool the Christian masses. It seems the more dramatic or outlandish, the more clicks which of course is what the media thrives on… bringing us to the topic of “Fake News”.  

 “Fake-News” is news manufactured to grab headline attention with no proof, unreliable or unnamed sources which provide you with no witness/witnesses to substantiate the claim.  Sadly, it’s not only been a problem with the secular media, but can be found in Christian media as well.  Entering into the publishing genre was a rude awakening for me as I soon discovered Christian publishing is all about money, creating a platform and making what sells!  Somehow truth is irrelevant or optional to say the least.  It’s truly disturbing when one of the most noted Christian Charismatic Publications apparently falls into the definition of “Fake News” at times, given above. They obviously did not research or validate one of their primary sources of ex-witch material.  Sadly, we have watched this testimony morph into a large scale embellishment that now includes (SRA) Satanic Ritual Abuse and Satanic rituals in the Mormon Church.  How do I know this isn’t true? First, because I am an ex-witch and second… because I have her original testimony as I had interviewed and researched her for a possible spot in my last book, “From The Craft To Christ”.  Her original story was lacking in actual involvement and her knowledge was extremely limited.  Of course, now having subjected herself to repressed memory “counseling”, the story has become so dramatic and bizarre that I feel it necessary to address it.  I do this, not to invalidate her testimony of overcoming drug use and depression but because it has progressed to the dangerous practice of (RMT) Repressed Memory Therapy, which has ruined many lives and led to many false claims. RMT was popular in the 1980’s, but most therapists today have moved away from this type of therapy.  RMT techniques include coercing the participant by lead-on questions and hypnosis and borders on Eastern Mysticism and occult teaching. It just goes to show what any media source will publish for the sake of clicks and views, thus moving away from factual news and embracing Fake News.  

Below is the blog post from Richard Bartholomew that prompted my writing this blog for your review and discretion.

In closing… much prayer is needed for our sister-in-Christ who is both falsely misleading and being falsely mislead. Also pray against “Fake News” and let truth prevail.  

©By S.A. Tower, 2017

Charisma Promotes New Satanic Ritual Abuse Claims
Posted on October 21, 2016 by Richard Bartholomew
From Charisma News:
Ex-Witch Reveals the Ritual Satanic Abuse That Happens on Halloween
Since her salvation in recent years and subsequent inner healings and deliverance, Beth came to realize she was abused in a satanic ritual on Halloween when she was just 3.  
“We went to the (Mormon) church and what happened next made my blood curdle. I was given candy, but that was just a prelude to the sexual abuse that would happen in a satanic ritual,” Beth reveals in her blog.  
“On Halloween, Satanists use young children, such as myself, as sexual idols to worship. Other children receive a far worse fate. Death…”
This is just one of several articles published by Charisma about Beth Eckert, a woman in her thirties residing in California. Eckert apparently attended a Mormon church in early childhood and later embraced Wicca and occultism, before eventually becoming a Christian.
Charisma News caters to evangelical Christians, particularly neo-Pentecostals; the site’s publisher, Steven Strang, is a significant presence in evangelical Christian media, and according to a statement put out by the Ted Cruz campaign when Cruz gained Strang’s endorsement in January the site “is read by more than 200,000 monthly, with four million unique online visitors per month” (Strang is now an enthusiast for Trump).
Charisma News is most useful for monitoring trends and developments within neo-Pentecostalism, although in recent months it has branched out into purely secular anti-Clinton articles. It also gives a platform to one particular author who promotes David Icke-type conspiracies about elite “Illuminati” Satanic rituals and their potential to create dramatic supernatural irruptions. Eckert’s claims about Satanic abuse are similarly being promoted by the site at face value, despite the cautionary example of the 1980s Satanic Ritual Abuse panic.
The key phrase in the Charisma article is “since her salvation… Beth came to realize”.  An early version of Eckert’s story appeared on a site called Your Spiritual Quest a year ago. According to her account then, she left Mormonism because the religion presented God as “cruel and judging”, but her subsequent years in an occult and New Age milieu were not conducive to her psychological wellbeing or maintaining healthy relations. Although she believes her interests at this time were spiritually harmful, there is nothing about Satanism or child rape.
On her blog, The Other Side of Darkness, we can see how her story developed. In March, she wrote that:
I decided to explore options for counseling. Once I began to dive into the emotional and spiritual depths of my soul, I found the answers I had been seeking. I was horribly abused as a child, by the people who loved me and were supposed to be taking care of me. This was a shocking blow to me, because the abuse was so severe that I actually completely blocked it out. I mean I had no memories whatsoever of any of it. Yet the information I began to receive as revelations from the Holy Spirit, finally started to put my life together like a puzzle that had lost the corner pieces.
In April, she went into specifics:
I am now in a class for women who were sexually abused as children. This class, (called Wounded Heart, after the workbook), has been a big help for me… I was molested, sodomized and raped as a child, in the Mormon Church. The abuse was so terrifying that I completely blocked it from my conscious mind.
The Wounded Heart, by Dan Allender, was first published in 1989. The author heavily promotes the idea of “recovered memories”, and he warns readers that
The denial is an affront to God. It assumes that a false reality is better than truth. It assumes that God is neither good nor strong enough to help during the recall process.
In other words, to doubt the memories you have been told by a counsellor or “deliverance minister” that you’re supposed to have is to commit a sin. This is highly manipulative, and I would go so far as to describe it as a form of psychological abuse.
From suddenly remembering being abused, to being abused in a church setting, to being abused as part of Satanic ritual on Halloween – the arc is depressingly inevitable. In Britain, this kind of “recovered memory” led to the tragic suicides of Caroline Marchant and Carol Felstead, and it is likely that a dubious therapist inspired the lurid allegations made by “Nick” that led to the recent disturbing farce of Operation Midland.
As far as I can tell, Eckert has not contacted the police with her story – even though she’s young enough that her supposed abusers may well still be alive and continuing with their predations. That in itself seems to me to be a tacit admission – either by Eckert herself or those who are helping her to “discover” these memories – that this is not a story that could bear much scrutiny on specific details.
Given Eckert’s obviously vulnerable state and her relative obscurity, this was not a case I really wanted to explore in any detail – but with a high-profile religious media empire irresponsibly using her to promote unsubstantiated allegations that may well lead to innocent people suffering harm, there was little choice.


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    In the past week, I attended two funerals, the first of which was for my beloved godfather. He was 85 years old and so his passing was somewhat expected. He was a decorated Police Lieutenant who served the community for over 30 years.  We heard many kind words from fellow officers who had the pleasure, as they said, to work alongside of him. To me, I remember him as a calm and collected man of faith.  The minister who presided over the funeral concluded with a challenging quote upon dismissal, “Sing like No One Is Listening, Dance like No One Is Watching, and Love like you’ve Never Been Hurt.” I pondered the concept of a first love before betrayal, before the loss of trust or emotional pain is ever experienced… such as how the innocent love of a child, reminds me of the Father’s love for us.

     In recent years, it seems funerals have become a gathering place for relatives that you hope to see again before the next funeral, but seldom do. This funeral was no exception and as I spoke with one of my cousins, she shared how her son was in a disturbing relationship with a mysterious woman who also seemed a bit rough around the edges. I felt this sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach, as if something wasn’t quite right. Who would have known that he would take his last breath the very next day after the funeral of my godfather? Sadly, he was only 29 years old.

     Today I attended his funeral, but these circumstances were due to an untimely and unexpected death which left many unanswered questions. My heart grieved for my cousin’s loss. Remembering the words shared at my godfather’s funeral, I questioned how a mother could love like she has never been hurt… when the hurt runs so deep, like the devastation in losing a child? I hadn’t seen him in recent years, yet fondly remember him during his youth at family birthday parties and picnics. We weren’t Facebook friends but after learning of his possible anarchist views, I decided to check out his page. 

      He was no longer the little boy I remembered and my heart was heavy when I noticed the satanic tattoos of an upside down pentacle and the leviathan cross on his arm. If there was ever a time when you wish someone had a day to do over, this was it. What happened, became more than just a question of his physical fate… it became a deep spiritual concern. Ironically... his funeral fell on Friday the 13th, and as many shared, probably a date he would find amusing. And yet even more ironic was that the priest, who presided at the funeral had confirmed his entry into eternal rest in heaven due to his infant baptism. But honestly, I sadly was not so convinced. 

     What I am certain of is that God is a just God, despite the uncertainty of the fate of my cousin’s son.  Our Heavenly Father is full of love and mercy despite one’s outward appearance and I know only He knows what’s truly inside a person’s heart and I can only hope that somewhere in this young man’s heart he had left room for Jesus.  I’ve always been one to speak of God’s grace, love and mercy and frowned upon fire and brimstone preaching but I honestly found myself rethinking how we share the good news of God’s love. I understand the urgency of sharing the gospel message and the reality that despite one’s age… tomorrow is not guaranteed.  Far better would it be to have the assurance of one’s salvation rather than to simply hope for it.

     How does this impact the way we minister at Ex-witch Exodus? It certainly calls for examination and much prayer yet I’m not convinced that a “get saved now or spend eternity in hell” message would move the heart of the spiritual blind, or that a relationship based on fear would be long-lasting.  If you’re reading this and you doubt or lack faith in God, I appeal to you to open your heart and mind and… give God a chance.  This is not an ultimatum, a get right or face eternal damnation message but a heart-felt plea “For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away” (James 4:14). Evidence reveals that tomorrow is not a given and the decisions you make today can really be the most important you’ve made in your entire lifetime and beyond.  The body may turn to dust but the spirit lives on.

© By S.A. Tower, 2017

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I've always questioned why many Christians rely on information provided by pagans as fact, especially when it comes to Christian holidays. I mean really, do you honestly expect to find “truth” from a source not following God? It is rather the subtle deceit of the enemy in an attempt to take the world’s focus off of Christ and what better way to accomplish this than by having Christians believe they are engaging in evil. The following post is by Marcia Montenegro, from her Facebook Page entitled Christian Answers for the New Age, who shares the research she has done supporting the fact that “Christmas is not Pagan”.
~ S.A. Tower


When I was a new Christian, I believed all the "Christmas is pagan" tales but did not check it out. I have checked it out and find that is not true. The cults have been very skillful at spreading these tales (Jehovah's Witnesses, Armstrong followers, Hebrew Roots, and others) and consequently, due to the proliferation of false information, some Christians have come to buy into it as well.
Comments such as "Christmas is pagan" or links to sites supporting false data will be deleted. I have spent too much time and energy on this topic in the past to spend more time on it, but want to post this for those interested. I am not going to engage in arguments, and disrespectful comments will be deleted.
If you do not observe Christmas due to commercialism or for a personal reason, this does not apply to you. But if you believe its pagan, or think that Jeremiah 10 applies to Christmas trees, I hope you decide to investigate.
God bless all of you.
Four part article:
Other articles on Christmas:
Why the date of Dec. 25 became connected to the birth of Jesus
Quote== Devout Christians will be reassured to learn that the date of Christmas may derive from concepts in Judaism that link the time of the deaths of prophets being linked to their conception or birth. From this, early ecclesiastical number-crunchers extrapolated that the nine months of Mary’s pregnancy following the Annunciation on March 25th would produce a December 25th date for the birth of Christ. - See more at http://bit.ly/1MGpuKI
The Christmas Tree
==The fact of the matter is that the Christmas tree originated in Christian Germany about two thousand years after Jeremiah’s criticisms of wooden idols. It originated from two Christian symbols found in homes at Christmas time. The first was a “Paradise tree,” an evergreen which was hung with apples which represented the tree of life in the Garden of Eden. The second symbol was a “Christmas pyramid.” This of course was a triangular shelf holding Christmas figurines and decorated with a star. By about the 16th century these two symbols had been combined into the Christian Christmas tree.==
HISLOP Discredited: “Myths From Hislop: A Call to Examine Facts,” by Marcia Montenegro

By Marcia Montenegro, Christian Answers for the New Age

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